How to Care for an Aloe ‘pepe’

The Aloe ‘Pepe’ is a beautiful and valuable dwarf succulent. When mature, the plant has a diameter of 5 cm. Its main feature is the fleshy green leaves with white dots. And the flowers it produces are a  beautiful orange color.

Propagation and Maintenance 


Taking diligent care of the plant is important to having a healthy Aloe succulent. Like other succulents, adequate watering is needed: it keeps the plant vibrant. The plant should not sit on water and overwatering can lead to the plant dyeing. The recommended watering process is the soak and dry method. 

General Care

Aloe "Pepe" is a unique plant that will bloom in the spring. After it blooms, you can enjoy the beauty of its orange flowers. This gives you the opportunity to put your Aloe Pepe on display in a beautiful pot.

Quick Facts:

  • Performs best outdoors
  • Requires full sun
  • Susceptible to overwatering
  • Can grow up to 5 cm wide
  • Prefers 10a-11b -1.1°C (30°F) zones
  • Affected by cold weather
  • Best propagated with seeds, offsets, leaves, or cuttings
  • Orange flowers

Where to Plant

The plant needs strong sunlight. When you want to plant in a garden, ensure sufficient sunlight. Partial or full sunlight allows it to thrive. It's better to grow the Aloe outdoors rather than indoors. 

The Aloe "Pepe" will thrive outdoors especially in warmer climates. It survives in a zone with an average temperature  of 30°F (-1.1°C). The best thing in a cold area is to plant it indoors. If it receives enough sunlight, it can be happy.

Propagating the Aloe Pepe 

Aloe "Pepe" is propagated by seeds, offsets, leaves, or cuttings. You also don't need repotting frequently. But the first-time repotting will be vital after you buy from the store. It thrives in a well-drained soil mixture – like other succulent plants. 

Propagation by Leaves 

When propagating via leaves, cut them carefully from an existing mother plant. The leaves you choose must be healthy, and no part should be left on the stem. It is the only way the propagation will work.

Don't plant immediately after cutting. Allow it to stay a few days to form a callus. The new succulent plant will thrive in well-drained soil: and never forget to water any time soil dries out. 

Propagating by Cuttings 

Get clean scissors or a knife and cut a leaf to propagate. Allow it to stay a few days to callus before you replant. You will need well-drained soil to propagate your new plant. And always water after the soil dries out. 

Propagating by Offsets 

Aloe ‘Pepe’ propagates from offsets. And to reproduce it from the mother plant, probably, you will wait years. The mother plant stays long before producing an offset. 

The process requires a sharp knife to remove the offset. After you have it, clean the extra soil and allow it to form callus before replanting. Use well-drained soil and water after the soil dries out. 

Propagating by Seeds 

The process is a bit slower than others. Scientists don't recommend this method even though you can propagate from seeds. 

Use well-drained soil to plant the seeds. In cooler areas, the method is done indoors but recommended outdoors with warmth. 

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