The Amaranth Vase – For Easy Water Draining and Stem Access


Perfect gift for the flower lover

This is perfect for flower lovers who like to clip the ends of their flowers every 3 days and change the water too. So easy with this design. Very clever and useful.


Clear Out Bacteria and Rejuvenate Your Flowers!

In less than 30 seconds and without a mess, drain the water and bring new life to your flowers.

  • Flowers will last twice as long so you will not feel as bad having these costly bouquets around all the time.
  • Helps prevent the #1 flower killer: Bacteria
  • Elegant Eye-Catching Design and Nearly Unbreakable

Amaranth Vase Closed then Opened

Stop Killing Your Flowers With The Traditional Vase

No more trapping bacteria, yeasts, and many other microbes that clog the stems. 

  • Zero Mess : Enjoy fresh flowers without the cleanup.
  • Zero Leaks : It will never break or chip.
  • Hassle Free : Change the water without removing the flowers 

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE + they’ll ship them to you FREE, too!