How to Care for a Haworthia Herbacea

What is the Haworthia Herbacea 

Haworthia herbacea is a beautiful-looking succulent plant. When mature, the plant reaches up to 5cm in diameter. It is ideal when you want something unique to your house. 

Leaves change color from green to bright green depending on stress level; as they age, they turn dark. When the plant produces flowers, they are white to beige. 

Propagation and Maintenance 


Proper watering is essential: it makes Haworthia Herbacea look beautiful. Like other succulent plants, it requires typical watering. Sufficient watering helps keep the plant healthy. The plant should not get excess water for proper growth. The best way is to use the soak and dry method: it controls overwatering.

General Care 

Haworthia herbacea is a succulent type that blooms during spring. The beauty of this plant is the white to beige flowers. It becomes a great choice for your collection – particularly when displayed in a gorgeous plant pot. 

Quick Facts:

  • Can grow outdoor
  • Requires full sun to thrive
  • Can grow up to 5 cm wide 
  • Cannot manage cold well 
  • Can die when overwatered 
  • Prefer 10a- 11b -1.1°C zones 
  • White or beige flowers 
  • Propagated with seeds, offsets, leaves, or cuttings 

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Where to Plant 

The plant requires strong sunlight. If you plant in the garden, ensure it receives sufficient sunlight – the reason it is better to plant outdoor instead of indoors.

If you live in a cold area, the plant may not thrive properly outdoor. Plant indoors and ensure it receives sufficient sunlight to grow happily. Use a pot with suitable material for the proper growth of the plant. 

Propagation of Haworthia herbacea

Haworthia herbacea is propagated from seeds, offsets, leaves, or cuttings. It is a succulent plant that will not require repotting. But, for the first time, repotting is crucial after you get it from the store. 

The plant requires to grow in well-drained soil – like other succulent plants. 

Propagation by Leaves 

The method involves removing the leaves from the mother plant. Choose a healthy leaf and remove it without leaving some parts on the stem. That is the only way propagation works. 

Before replanting, allow the leaves to form callous. After a few days, plant on well-drained soil. Water the plant every time the soil is dry. 

Propagation by Cuttings 

Use a clean knife to cut a healthy leaf from the mother plant. Before replanting, allow it to stay a few days to callous. Plant in a well drain soil and add sufficient water regularly. 

Propagation by Offsets 

Haworthia herbacea propagates from offsets. However, this method requires patience for several years before the mother plant produces an offset. 

Use a knife to remove the offset for propagation. Clean the soil from the offset and wait until it forms the callus – plant in well-drained soil to generate a new plant. Add sufficient water regularly. 

Propagation by seeds

Like other succulent plants, this plant is a slow grower. It takes a long time to form a new plant from seeds: seed propagation is not recommended. If you choose this method, get healthy seeds and plant them in well-drained soil. Add water to enhance germination. 

It is suitable for outdoor planting, although an indoor environment is recommended in cooler areas. 

Origin and Habitat 

Native to South Africa 

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